Scalextric Quiz 3

- Ten Questions
Everyone is welcome to try to quiz and check their score. Club Members who score 10/10 will be eligible to win a prize, if they remember to include their name & email address.




1. Scalextric has never produced?
A police car
A Track Marshalls car
A Teenage Ninja turtle Van
A Fire Truck

2. Scalextric Digital Racing allows for up to?
6 cars per lane
5 cars per lane
An unlimited amount of cars per lane
3 cars per lane

3. The Scalextric Racing system runs on?
6 volt power
9 volt power
12 volt power
240 volt mains power

4. Scalextric has been in production for the last?
12 years
25 years
50 years
The history is not clear due to company takeovers

5. The original Scalextric Batmobile’s counterpart Joker Car is actually a
Mini Clubman

6. Scalextric has in recent years reproduced a model Ferrari 330 P4.
What is the next colour to be released?

Red with blue stripe

7. What Australian car has a Lion’s head shown in a graphic format upon it?
Mark Skaife Holden Commodore V8
Alan Moffat Mustang
Bob Jane Commaro
Craig Lowndes Ford Falcon V8

8. What is the rarest Ferrari model that Scalextric will be producing in 1:32 scale later this year (2009)?
300 SLR
Gallardo GT
250 GTO

9. What Scalextric Car to be produced in 2009 won at Bathurst in 1976?
Moffat Mustang ‘Brut’
Moffat Mustang ‘Coca Cola’
L34 Toranna
Chevrolet Camaro

10. When was the Australian Scalextric Racing and Collecting Club formed?