Business Members

As announced in the monthly journal, Club Lines Issue 325 in October 2022, the Club have changed how engage with slot car businesses for the benefit of all involved. Rather than one slot car business as a major sponsor and promote it exclusively, the Club will offer annual Business Memberships from January 2023 that welcome all "bricks and mortar" slot car businesses that feature Scalextric.

If you are a 'Bricks and Mortar' Scalextric selling &/or racing business to join the Club as a Business Member:

Contact Dominic Grimes, Club President, on:

  • Email:
  • Mobile: 0402 212 937

• You will receive an email with your details requested to join the Club, the information on this website in a flyer and directions to deposit $75 into the Club bank account.

To contact Dominic via email:

The key reasons for this change are:

  • Better reflects a national Club, represent more geographical locations.
  • Better connect with more Scalextric-selling shops that have a physical premises, including full-service slot car centres.
  • Provide a new avenue of publicity for full-service slot car centres and awareness to Members of these centres across Australia.
  • To better use the limited time of the Club Committee.

The key aspects:

  • Business Membership will be an annual payment of $75, advertised as a new type of Membership in addition to existing Personal single/family.
  • A Business Member needs to have physical premises, "bricks and mortar", and not be predominantly online selling.
  • The Scalextric-selling shop will have:
    • Your details listed in the Club's monthly journal called Club Lines with a third of a page for each Business Member as per this sample:
  • Your details listed on the Club website, replacing sponsors.
  • Access to Club produced posters, as do all Personal/Family Members, and these posters will solely promote the Club and Scalextric, not another business.
  • Ability to submit articles that promote Scalextric and feature your slot car shop/outlet, especially welcome if a centre with tracks with Scalextric cars racing!

No expectation of providing Member discounts or benefits for Members, nor payment to the Club beyond the annual Membership fee of $75.

The Club welcome and thank these Scalextric selling &/or racing businesses as Business Members:

  • Flatout Slot Cars, 189-191 Talbragar Street, Dubbo, NSW, 2830.
  • MrSlotcar, 3/42-46 Hallam South Road, Hallam, Vic 3803.
  • Show Us Ya Slotz, Unit B, 12 Industrial Cres, Lemon Tree Passage, NSW 2319.


Flatout Slot Cars (NSW)

  • Address: 189-191 Talbragar Street, Dubbo, NSW, 2830.Flatout Slot Cars
  • Contact: Terry Mason, Owner
  • Phone: 0408 260 965
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Retail: Scalextric and all major slot car brands.
  • Track Hire & Organised Racing: Scalextric Sport four lane track of 50 metres in the main hall. Second 24 metres Scalextric Sport track in the side room.
  • Location: 390km west of Sydney CBD in the heart of regional centre Dubbo.
  • Trading Hours: Monday to Sunday - 9am to 5pm (including school holidays)
  • Race nights (see Race Calendar): First and Third Saturdays of the month and if there is a fifth weekend "Cup Class". Practice from 3pm and racing from 4pm.

    MrSlotcar (Vic)MrSlotcar (Vic)

  • Address: 3/42-46 Hallam South Road, Hallam, Vic 3803
  • Contact: Peter Van Horssen & Debbie Shaw, Owners
  • Phone: (03) 9796 3830
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Retail: Scalextric and all major slot car brands.
  • Track Hire & Organised Racing: 3 commercial routed tracks and 2 drag strips.
  • Location: 39km Southeast of Melbourne.
  • Trading Hours:
  • Tues-Wed: 10am - 5pm       Saturday: 10am - 7 pm
          Thurs- Fri: 10am - 9pm       Sunday:   12pm - 5pm.
  • Race nights (see Racing/Hire):
  •   Thursday night from 7pm (1/24th)
        Friday night from 7pm (Drag Racing)
        Saturday morning from 10.30am (social)

    Show Us Ya Slotz (NSW)

  • Address: Unit B, 12 Industrial Cres, Lemon Tree Passage, NSW 2319.
  • Contact: Mike Dickson, Owner
  • Phone: (02) 4957 9809Show Us Ya Slotz
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Retail: Scalextric and all major slot car brands.
  • Track Hire & Organised Racing: On two routed six lane tracks.
  • Location: 199km north of Sydney CBD, 50km north-east of Newcastle.
  • Trading Hours:
  • Monday & Tuesday - Closed (open in school holidays)
      Wednesday - 10am to 4pm
      Thursday - 10am to 8pm social night (every fortnight only)
      Friday, Saturday & Sunday - 10am to 4pm.
  • Race nights (see Race Calendar):
  • Tuesday Weekly - 6pm to 10pm
      Thursday & Friday Fortnightly - 6pm to 10pm

  • To contact the Club President: